When presenting your Custom Designed Home to you we will use 3D Technology. We have a 55” Television on the wall of our office that we use to show you your home. You will be able to walk around the outside of your future home so that you can see it from every angle. We will the take you inside and walk you through each and every room. You will feel as if you are actually inside your home; you will be able to see how it looks when looking from one room into another.

We have a client whose Design includes an open area with a rail at the top of her staircase on the second floor; this open area looks down into her Foyer. We were able to bring her to the top of this staircase so that she could look down into her Foyer and see exactly what her view would be from this vantage point.

We will work very closely with you during every aspect of your building process, beginning with your Design. It is our utmost goal to bring to fruition your dream of your very special home. We use this technology to put you at ease, so that you know that we have listened to you, and you are getting exactly what you want in a home, even before we put a shovel in the ground. This will leave you free to enjoy the building process.

This technology is only one of the many services we will provide to you to make your Building Experience a Happy One!!

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