Tips on Staying Organized When Building Your Home

Tabetha Gibbons - Friday, July 08, 2016

It’s unfathomable the amount of things you have to keep tabs on when building a home, or remodeling. Don’t fret! Reminiscent Homes will be with you during the entire process!

Here are a few things we recommend that can help you along the way. 

Create a List of Must Haves

You should keep a list of must haves and don’t be afraid to ask Reminiscent Homes for some common overlooked ideas. Add anything you can think of! As your home design stage progresses, you can begin honing in on things that really mean something to you and toss out the things that aren’t necessary.

Keep a Good Line of Communication With Your Builder


It is important to us that our clients are comfortable and know that we are here from start to finish. By keeping a good line of communication, we can ensure your home is custom built the way you intended. Express to us your concerns, your dislikes; let us know immediately if you’ve changed your mind, and talk about the things that you’re looking forward to. We want your honesty and we promise to give you ours!


Know That We Are Here to Help Things Stay Organized


Take a trip out to your local office supply store and get yourself organized. Keeping everything in one big binder can help with your stress tremendously. Plans, invoices, contacts, bank information, paint colors, ideas, basically anything associated with building your home should be added to this binder. That way once the home is officially turned over, you have everything you need neatly organized in a home binder. If you loose something, don’t worry. Just give us a call. Visit our Get Organized Pinterest board for tips, ideas and free printables!


Follow Us on Houzz or Pinterest!

We encourage our clients to send us photos from our Houzz or Pinterest. The best time for this is during the home design so that we can make sure we accommodate space. If there is something you are interested in, don’t hesitate to send it over to our team! This is your home and we want to custom design your home the way you envision it.

These are just a few ideas! If you have others that have helped you along the way, share them with us! You are not alone during your home building process. Reminiscent Homes is here the whole way.

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