Building Trend: Pantry & Prep Kitchens

Tabetha Gibbons - Saturday, October 15, 2016

Hidden behind what looks like just another cabinet door, you will now find another small room that is your Pantry or Prep kitchen. The size of these rooms are determined by how many appliances you would like to have and how much space you will need.

We have designed them large enough to include a full size refrigerator, a full size dishwasher, and a sink as large as the one you have in your main kitchen. You can also have a full size microwave, and an under counter wine cooler. With all the counter space you'll ever need for all that prep mess is behind a closed cabinet door. Your guests will never need to see that mess Well, unless of course you want to show off your Pantry!

The best part of the Pantry/Prep kitchen is that all the disarray can be closed behind the cabinet door. With all the home that are an open floor plan, you'd need to have all your prep work done way ahead of time. That way you can spend quality time with your guests. 

The stress of this all goes away with these fabulous kitchen details!

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